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My latest work, an AMV film in collaboration with Nathan Bezner of Nightowl Pictures. Featuring the anime BECK and music from the film "Novem" by Brad Kimmel and Patrick O'Connor

Live Action music videos

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-- There, I have information on all of my videos, and download options for the majority of them. Registration and downloading privileges on the site are absolutely free, although if you find yourself enjoying the site on a regular basis, donating a buck or two is always cool. For those of you who have never used animemusicvideos.org before, the word "Local" at the bottom of a page is a download link

Anime Music Videos
You Are What You Love
Anime: Millennium Actress

Song: Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins - You Are What You Love
Sex and Caramel
Anime: Noir

Song: Suzanne Vega - Caramel
Anime: Last Exile

Song: Snow Patrol - Run

Live Action Videos
No Surprises
Source: Fight Club

Song: The Killers - Under the Gun
No Surprises
Source: Punch-Drunk Love

Song: Radiohead - No Surprises
Pomegranate Peninsula Pendegrass
Source: Lost In Translation Song: Halley - Pomegranate Peninsula Pendegrass
Another Try
Source: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Song: stellastar* - Untitled
Lose Yourself
Source: Napoleon Dynamite Song: Eminem - Lose Yourself
Source: Gerry Song: Halley - Kites Are Slow Downers

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